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The company Agriocítricos Hermanos Gallego, S.L., is a company located in Murcia and dedicated to the export of citrus fruits. In 1970, Antonio Gallego Sánchez, who was the head of the family, decided to start in the business of citrus production. This entrepreneur and fighter man builds the company that we know today. This company performs the work of collecting, selecting and packaging our fruits, which is the basis for the company to work. Frutas Gallego is a company that collects the legacy of its founder, which has been able to transmit its great vocation of service as an exporter of citrus in the Region of Murcia.

Agricocítricos Hermanos Gallego S.L is a company located in Murcia dedicated to the collection, selection and packaging of citrus fruits for later export. His extensive career has given him extensive knowledge to fully satisfy the most demanding clients. To understand the philosophy of this firm you have to know part of its history that is linked to the Galician family. Its origins go back to the year 1970 when Antonio Gallego Sánchez, head of the family, started this activity and thanks to his effort the company was built as it is known today. Currently, it offers several generations of experience in the collection and commercialization of citrus, has become a national reference in the export of lemons and all its products have a guaranteed quality seal. His daily work focuses on finding solutions for the changing conditions of the sector. All products Agricocítricos Hermanos Gallego S.L undergo a complete quality control and food safety so that the products meet the most demanding requirements. It has the most modern technology to make different packaging. It presents a great variety of products selected for the most demanding